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Women and opiate addiction: A European Perspective.
Stocco, P. and Llopis Llácer, JJ. (Editors).
(2002) Palma de Mallorca: IREFREA.


The aim of these contributions is to highlight the complex situation of the woman who is either at risk or in circumstances of psychosocial discomfort due to drug abuse. The analysis of the complex phenomena of drug addiction will therefore be from a female point of view.

While aware of the limits of this work, the authors hope it will contribute to the development of a debate on the field of health-care policies with specific reference to the prevention and treatment for drug addiction. We therefore hope that this book will lead to a greater understanding of the problematic of gender and that it may lead to ideas for further in-depth studies aimed at improving the quality of interventions and research activities, fields that need to respond to the needs of women with problems of drug addiction with increasing adequacy.