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Cultural Mediators in a Hegemonic Nightlife. Opportunities for Drug Prevention.
Calafat, A., Fernández, C., Juan, M., Anttila, A., Bellis, M.A., Fenk, R., Hughes, K., Kerschl, A.V., Kokkevi, A., Kuussaari, K., Leenders, F., Mendes, F., Siamou, I., Simon, J., Van de Wijngaart, G. y Zavatti, P.
(2004) Palma de Mallorca : IREFREA.


The starting point of the research is to provide certain analytical elements that allow schematic representation of the mechanisms being used to construct an entertainment arena that we consider to be hegemonic. A basic premise is that entertainment and pleasure seeking is the right of every human being and one that is managed in the social framework. Methods of enjoying oneself can be as diverse as the human imagination and the capacity of a culture to develop. In the creation of routes to entertainment, there are certain people taking part who have a greater opportunity to diffuse their ideas and beliefs, as they occupy a position of responsibility or leadership within the recreational arena. Drug use, risk and the problems that form part of recreational life must be understood within this social framework.