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Health and safety problems in recreational nightlife in the Island of Mallorca.
Calafat, A. and Juan, M.
(2004) International Journal of drug Policy , 15 (2),157-162.


Objective: To examine data on public health problems in recreational life, particularly those associated with conditions of clubs and bars in Mallorca. The hypothesis is that context creates conditions that promote and/or prevent the problems that can arise with drug use. Methods: Data related to emergency healthcare provided during weekends were examined, complemented by qualitative research to evaluate the environmental conditions in the most popular clubs in Mallorca and to assess their possible relationship with public health problems.

Results: A systematic epidemiological study of health and safety problems was difficult because of the lack of systematic information collected by health services about their intervention in emergency situations. However, direct observation in the clubs has highlighted a lack of public transport operating to recreational venues, overcrowding, broken glass on the floor, lack of first aid management, high price of drinking water, excessive heat, obstructed emergency exits, the general consumption of alcohol and other drugs and poor availability of contraceptives. The emergency health services reported attending to traffic accidents, drug overdose, aggressions, traumas and drunkenness. A preventive policy is urgently required to reduce the incidence of such problems.

Keywords:  Clubs, Setting, Use of drugs, Mallorca Island, Prevention, Harm reduction