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Risk and control in the recreational drug culture. Sonar Project.
Calafat, A., Fernández, C., Juan, M., Bellis, M. A., Bohrn, K., Hakkarainen, P., Kilfoyle-Carrington, M., Kokkevi, A., Maalsté, N., Mendes, F., Siamou, I., Simon, J., Stocco, P. and Zavatti.
(2001) Palma de Mallorca: IREFREA.


This report is an in-depth study supported by quantitative data from a wide survey to 2,700 young Europeans involved in recreational activities and by the ethnographical study carried out in nine European cities. The processing of previous data required an in-depth examination of specific subjects. Consequently, new qualitative data was required from the young people themselves. A Focus Group was held in each city consisting of individuals from the most representative subcultures of each city. The aim of these discussions was to obtain information on certain topics that the research team had highlighted as crucial to reaching a better understanding of the young in a recreational context.

Detecting and deconstructing the culture that legitimises drug use is one of the objectives of seeking to understand the symbolic values used to define substances. In this study, we endeavour to shed light on - or at least discuss - some of the premises and conditions that revolve around drugs. This is our contribution to improving society, through the development of a scientific work that, through both empirical and ethical knowledge, could lead to improving the conditions in which we live, and to building a better world for our young people.