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TRAVELS: Tourism, Recreation and Violence, a European Level Study is the continuation of a former study, ‘Assessing and Preventing Violence in National and International Settings for Young People, also co-financed by the European Commission, Daphne Programme (2007-2009). The seed of the former project was to explore the contribution of the context in alcohol and drug use and related risk behaviours. To do so, a survey to 3003 young tourist from Germany, United Kingdom and Spain visiting the Balearic Islands in the summer of 2007 was conducted. Also semi-structured interviews were carried out among key-informants to evaluate major problems.

This study identified changes in frequency of use and/or incorporation of new drugs depending on destination and nationality. Nightlife was recognized to be the main reason for choosing destination. Young tourist reported having been frequently drunk and about 4.4% of them informed to have been involved in a fight during the holidays. On the other hand, percentages for witnessed violence were quite higher: around 36% in Mallorca and about 29% in Ibiza.

To further explore context contribution in alcohol and drug use and related risks, TRAVELS explored young German and British tourists’ behaviours in five Mediterranean recreational nightlife areas though a survey conducted in the summer of 2009 to a sample of 6500 youngsters visiting those areas.

Young tourist reported considerable levels of problems during their holidays including violence, unintentional injuries, robberies and sexual harassment among others. These facts are linked in general terms to alcohol and drug use and abuse during the holidays. Young tourists reported frequent alcohol use, high levels of drunkenness and an active involvement in nightlife activities during their stay in the recreational areas.

Both studies have been co-financed by the Daphne Programme, DG Justice, Liberty and Security of the European Commission.

 TRAVELS: Tourism, Recreation and Violence, a European Level Study.
Grant agreement nº – JLS/2007/DAP-1/135
  Assessing and Preventing Violence in National and International Recreational Settings for Young People. Grant agreement nº – JLS/2006/DAP-1/069/Y30-CE-0117583/00-55