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IREFREA began to analyse violence related to alcohol and drug use in recreational nightlife in 2005. The seed can be traced on the study “Recreational-Prev., Recreational culture as a tool to prevent risk behaviours”, that brought to light violence was an emerging trend in recreational nightlife.

Since then IREFREA has carried out two more studies to further explore the role of context on alcohol and drug use and related risk behaviours. The first one studied young British, German and Spanish tourists behaviours while on holiday in the islands of Majorca and Ibiza during the months of July and August in 2007. The second one explored young British and German holidaymakers’ behaviours in five Mediterranean vacation resorts in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece and Cyprus in the summer of 2009.

Several papers have been produced on predictors of violence, factors associated with risky behaviours and contributions of environment and nationality to recreational drug taking behaviour as well as a book and two set of guides with facts and practical recommendations for policymakers and recreational industry working towards a safer and healthier holidays.