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Prevention in Recreational Nightlife.
Calafat, A & Juan, M.
(2017) In: M.Israelashvili & J.L. Romano (Eds.), The Cambridge Handbook of International Prevention Science (pp. 207-232). New York: Cambridge University Press


Traditionally, the use of alcohol and illegal drugs has been related to several risk factors such as poverty, exclusion, lack of network, personality problems, and so on. However, during the last decades the situation has changed. In certain locations and regions worldwide, the use and abuse of these substances is basically conducted by normative young people in nightlife recreational settings. This implies a quite radical change in the sort of people who consume legal or illegal drugs and the risk factors to be considered. In fact, what should be taken into consideration is that the socialization of these adolescents and young people is rapidly and drastically changing through the consolidation of these new social practices. This article discusses the relevance of the recreational use of drugs and the cultural implications.