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From Home to Pub.
Hughes K, Quigg Z, Bellis MA, Calafat A, Van Hasselt N, and Kosir M.
(2012) In Anderson P, Braddick F, Reynolds J and Gual A (Ed) Alcohol Policy in Europe: Evidence from AMPHORA.


Pubs, bars and nightclubs have an important social and economic role in Europe, being major settings for socialising, entertainment and employment. However, drinking environments often see high levels of intoxication and alcohol-related harms, including violence and drink driving. Preventing harm in drinking environments is a key priority in European alcohol policy yet there is a scarcity of research and knowledge on drinking behaviours in European nightlife environments and on the factors in drinking venues that are associated with higher levels of intoxication and harm. The Amphora project aimed to address this gap by implementing a study of drinking behaviours and bar environments in four diverse European nightlife areas: Liverpool in the UK, Ljubljana in Slovenia, Palma (de Mallorca) in Spain and Utrecht in the Netherlands. Using a crosssectional survey combined with breathalyser tests among young drinkers using the cities’ drinking premises and a quantitative observational study in bars, the study has developed valuable knowledge to inform the development of alcohol policy in Europe. This chapter describes how the study was implemented and outlines its key findings and implications for policy makers and practitioners.