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Recreational-Prev., “Recreational culture as a tool to prevent risk behaviours”


Friendship, fun and risk behaviours in Nightlife Recreational Contexts in Europe. Statistical Report from survey.

This report presents epidemiological data from a sample of about 150 young recreational users per city (1.383 individuals in total) from the nine participating countries. Association between party drug use and several risk behaviours is explored. Survey took place between March-September 2006 and a special questionnaire was developed (see tools below) to explore recreational values and the role of the friends’ network in young peoples’ behaviours. Snowball technique was combined with a respondent driven sampling methodology. A survey protocol was produced to ensure homogeneity in data collection among participating countries.

Nightlife in nine European cities. Ecological analysis of risks and prevention. Report from KAReN assessment.

Analysis of the recreational nightlife context in Europe, its consequences on health and coexistence, and preventive capacity of initiatives and instruments developed were assessed. It is a multi-level study carried out in 13 recreational areas (21 venues) where the impact of recreational nightlife is explored at three levels: city, area and venue. Primary data was obtained using KAReN and qualitative methodology.


KAReN – Kit for Assessment of Recreational Nightlife  is an instrument that works as a Rapid Assessment Method (RAM) at three levels (city,area and venue) of the recreational context with four main objectives:

 Search for evidence to ‘diagnose” health and safety problems related to nightlife. 

 Assess exiting data to further explore the phenomenon

  Identify preventive experiences in use (applicability, efficacy and acceptance) or those that should be implemented to guarantee a safe and healthy recreational life.

 Create indicators that enable comparison between contexts. Analyzing the extent of the phenomenon at a European or multi-site level.

  KAReN City Questionnaire

KAReN Area Questionnaire

KAReN Venue Questionnaire

KAReN Full Set Questionnaire

Survey questionnaire for nightlife users

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