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FERYA - Familias En Red Y Activas

The programme FERYA focuses on providing leadership and empowerment training to the leaders of parents’ associations so that they can play an active role in prevention. Through this work, the programme intends to increase the number of organizations that include prevention in the daily development of their activities. In such a way that the prevention of alcohol consumption among children becomes the motor of an ambitious movement that places risk prevention at the centre of social interest and parents as the main active element in the development of a social model based in the well-being of future generations.

More specifically, the program aims to:

  • Facilitate the preventive strategies offered by the social context and create community capital.
  • Prevent and address the risks that affect children and elucidate the centrality of consumption (alcohol and other drugs) in the framework of risks.
  • Conceive prevention possibilities through initiatives of parent organizations with a social and cultural impact.
  • Identify barriers and opportunities presented by parent organizations toward prevention and mobilization.
  • Train families as active prevention agents: socialization of prevention
  • Promote the union of diverse people and associations in pursuit of common goals.
  • Reverse current disadvantages into opportunity windows for the promotion of healthy styles among young people.


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Subvencionado por la Delegación del Gobierno para el Plan Nacional sobre Drogas