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TAKE CARE - Strategies towards responsible alcohol consumption for adolescents in Europe

The main target of this project is to develop strategies towards responsible alcohol consumption for adolescents. The target group among them is youngsters between 12 and 21 years of age with risky alcohol consumption with the purpose of keeping adolescents under legal provisions as set in the respective national laws and at hindering alcohol consumption before the set minimum age. A multi level approach, involving youths, parents, key persons and retail employees will be developed.

The project is financially supported by the Health Programme of the European Commission (EAHC). Partner institutions from ten European countries take part in the project and contribute to it with their own funds. The project executing organization is within the hands of the LWL-KS and IREFREA-Portugal participates as an associated partner.

The concept of TAKE CARE is currently being tested by the department for addiction prevention of the German organization "Diakonisches Werk" in Herford.


For more information please visit the project website TAKE CARE - Web