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Democracy, Cities and Drugs II

The "Democracy, Cities and Drugs" project is the alliance of a network of 300 European cities and their representative organizations to promote local and integrated responses to the drug phenomenon. Based on the comparison between the experiments undertaken by a pilot network of cities and NGOs, the project intends to support the creation of local partnerships and to set up a sustainable network of exchange of know-how.

Based on the lessons learned from the 1st Democracy, Cities & Drugs project (2005-2007), the DC&D II project (2008-2011) has as its main objective to support EU cities to develop local partnership- based drug policies involving relevant stakeholders (local authorities, health services criminal justice services, and communities including visible minorities  and drug service users). The ultimate goal is to develop a coordinated, participative, targeted, and thus resource-effective approach towards drug-related problems.

IREFREA-Italy leads the Women ad Drugs work-package while IREFREA-Portugal is in charge of the Evaluation work-package.


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Project co-financed by the European Union & MISSION (2008-2011)

Democracy, Cities and Drugs II (DC&D II)