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TRAVELS - Tourism, Recreation and Violence: A European Level Study

Media Influence on Nightlife Conference . Brussels, Belgium, 13-14th October 2010.

Environmental influence in the prevention of unsafe behaviours among young European holidaymakers in five nightlife resorts.

The Safety 2010 World Conference. London, UK, 21- 24th September 2010.
Mediterranean Nights. Violence and unintentional injury in young holidaymakers.
6th International Conference on Nightlife, Substance Use and Related Health Issues. Zurich, Switzerland, 7-9th June 2010.
Mediterranean Nights. Alcohol, drugs and violence related to holidaymakers in five European countries
The environmental influence in the prevention or promotion of unsafe behaviours among Young European Tourists visiting Nightlife Resorts.
XXXVII Jornadas Nacionales Socidrogalcohol. Oviedo, Spain. March 2010.
Consumo de alcohol y drogas en turistas europeos: el contexto recreativo nocturno como facilitador del riesgo.
TRAVELS Presentation -  Project and Findings. Venice, Italy, 21st-24th February 2010.
Travels Study - Initial findings from the surveys.
9th World Conference on Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion. Mérida, México, 15-18th March 2008.
Violence and substance use in holidaymakers.